Country of Origin

Country of Origin

To give you an idea, we would like to briefly inform you about the countries that we work with and their products.

BENELUX Countries

We purchase the fresh products from different companies in Holland and Belgium. We have a achieved to build relations based on mutual confidence with our long term business partners. Benelux countries deliver the products that we buy to Cologne. For our purchases from other countries, we send our own truck.


The companies in Germany deliver their daily and fresh products to us themselves. The companies that we mainly work with are mostly around Bodensee and in Saarland, which is in North Germany. The farmers, whom we work with, do their best to bring their fresh and best products to us on time. 


Twice a week, we bring natural products that are demanded by our customers, from the Perpignan and Rungis regions in France.  We are interested in French products


Our cooperation with Greece increases during the summer months. We buy watermelons and sultana grapes from Greece. We have built business relationships with good intentions. Since web ring agriculture products from Turkey as an alternative to Greece, we do not have very frequent commercial contact with Greece. However we would like to develop our business relations with this country.


We market Italian products in Cologne market throughout the year especially in winter season. We buy Italian products three times a week directly as truck. The company we work with is called Gandolfo s.r.l and it operates in Milan. The fruits and vegetables we buy from Italy are meeting our requirements in terms of quality and freshness.


Our cooperation with Spain started on 31.09.2000. At the beginning we used to purchase products from only Spanish companies. We had naturally made second hand purchases. However, we were not able to profit from our cooperation in this way. That is why, we established a company called “Früchte Adam Espana S.L” in 2002 at Rouetas de Mar in Spain.

We buy the 50% of the fruits and vegetables from the auctions, 25% directly from the farmers and the other 25% from the cooperatives. We established Adam Golden Vegets in Spain and under this brand we make our packaging. Our personnel in Spain work very attentively during the process of selection and packaging of products. Our quality standards are very high and striking in the market. We bring mainly; cucumber, tomato, squash, eggplant, and pepper and in summer season we also bring watermelon and melon.


We have fresh fruit and vegetable entry to the stocks of our company trucks. This even increases in summer months. In Turkey, we buy our products from Antalya in summer time and from Bursa in winter. We established Adam Tic. Ltd. Sti. company in Turkey in 2004. Thus, from then on we started to make the purchase and packaging of the products from Turkey, through this company. Our current purchases come to us as mixed truck. In winter time we mainly bring vegetables and in summer web ring both fruits and vegetables. We never face any problems occurring from our Turkish products in the markets.